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Game Programming with Visual Basic .NET features theory and practical examples of game programming aimed at the Secondary student. It does not presume high-level programming skills, yet it leads students to a satisfying level of proficiency.

Game Programming with Visual Basic .NET has examples and tasks that are fun, interesting and challenging being derived from a wide variety of gaming genres. The fifteen chapters are:

  • Serious fun (what makes a good game)
  • Let's get it started (introduction to moving objects)
  • Heading in the right direction (moving objects)
  • Meet and greet (splash and entry forms)
  • Controlling the bugs (using GDI+ for moving objects)
  • Sound advice (background music and sound effects)
  • Collision decisions (dealing with colliding objects)
  • An array of hope (collections and arrays of objects)
  • I see the earth move (moving backgrounds)
  • Telephones and tophats ( board games)
  • Blocks and dots (games involving mazes)
  • How to be sharp (techniques in creating card games)
  • Objects on the fly (creating objects at run-time)
  • Space hero (a classic game incoorporating many of the above features)
  • Deployment benefits (deploying games for distribution)
Game Programming with Visual Basic .NET can be used for instruction in game programming or for general programming classes. For many teachers it will provide a long-awaited set of techniques for handling many of the less documented (and most wanted) features of Visual Basic. Each text contains a support CD containing:
  • Fully developed programming examples and solutions to the programming tasks
  • A wide collection of graphics for use in the programming examples and tasks
  • Sets of reusable add-ins in the form of Visual Basic.NET classes and modules specifically designed for game programming
  • A bookmarked PDF of the text

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Download guidelines (a PDF document) for using Visual Basic Express with this book.