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Programming with Visual Basic (5th edition) provides a complete course of instruction in Visual Basic Express 2013 for Windows Desktop - Microsoft's exciting programming system. It is a fully object-oriented development environment.

Programming with Visual Basic (5th edition) does not assume any prior knowledge, guiding the user from the very simplest applications to those of considerable complexity. All the programming examples are supported by a sound theoretical background incoorporating the Software Development Cycle. NS Diagrams are used to design program procedures. Topics covered include:

  • Problem solving
  • Algorithm design
  • Events, objects and OOP
  • Visual Basic variables and data types
  • Branching, two-way and multiple
  • Loops, counted and conditional
  • Text file processing
  • Graphics and animation
  • Collections and arrays
  • Recursive functions and procedures
Programming with Visual Basic (5th edition) is an excellent textbook for programming courses and an invaluable teacher reference manual. It has been developed specifically for the Australian Years 10-12 classroom and is ideally suited to all cutting-edge Information Technology and Computer Studies courses.
Download corrections (a PDF document - 342 kb) last updated 17th April, 2016

Download resources, for the examples and tasks, and review (archived in RAR format):
Project pictures (2,543 kb) Text files (4 kb) Review tasks (2,934 kb)
Download Visual Basic projects, programming examples and tasks (archived in RAR format):
15 -> Cone volume (2,412 kb) Date validity -> Greetings (2,695 kb) Hanoi moves -> Hit singles (8,030 kb)
Learn to drive -> Moon weights (2,527 kb) Paper rock scissors -> Stopwatch 2 (1,592 kb) Teams -> Word Game (1,243 kb)

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